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Staff Portraits & Call Centre Photography in Leicester

I have just been taking some staff portraits at an office in Leicester.  These photographs are fairly typical of the style that many companies like to have of their staff.  They tend to like bright white backgrounds for a modern, fresh look.  I set up my studio flash units and white background in a spare office and once set-up, it is fairly quick to photograph each member of staff.  I normally show each person their photos on the back of my camera to make sure they are happy with their photos and if not, I take a few more until they are happy.  I need a reasonably large office in which to set up my equipment, but it is surprising how often I have been squashed into a small office with a huge table in the centre that I have to work around.  Anyway, here are a few examples.  I am regularly commissioned to take such office portraits.
After the office portrait session, I packed away my portable studio and took some photos of the call centre.  My brief was to not only show the large size of the call centre, but to capture the essence of the the staff and of the call centre.  The wide shot was quite tricky as the lighting was not only very low, but it was extremely patchy.  I prefer the closer-up shots as they concentrated on the staff’s characters and expressions.  Here are some of the photographs from the shoot.  Again, this is fairly typical of the work undertaken by this particular Leicestershire photographer.



Published Date: 1st February 2011
Category: General