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35 Business Videos in 3 Weeks!


While stills photography still forms the main part of what I do, corporate videography is a growing side to my business.  I have recently completed a large commission from a national chain of solicitors (Quality Solicitors) to film and edit 35 business videos in the East Midlands area within the short space of 3 weeks.  The brief was to produce both customer testimonial and staff films, both at the solicitors’ offices and at their business clients’ premises.  The high-definition films were used full-screen on Quality Solicitors’ new website which was launched to coincide with their national television advertising campaign.

I handled all the direction, camera operation, sound, lighting, and editing myself and I was able to meet the very tight deadline – even if I didn’t get much sleep in those three weeks!  My client was happy with the results and my videos can now be seen on their website.  Here are three of the business videos from this commission:

As Google now owns You Tube, video content on websites is more important than ever as not only does it help with search engine rankings, it also brings websites to life.  Please see the Business Videos page of my website for more examples of my corporate films.  I am currently working on more videos, so more videos are being added to this page all the time.

If you wish to have a video for your business, please give me a call on 07973 638591 or on 01455 271849 to discuss the brief.


Published Date: 27th July 2012
Category: General



Olympic Torch Relay Runner…….Me?!!

I have just found myself unexpectedly running in the Olympic Torch Relay!

Before you think I have done something heroic or that I have had a life-long commitment to sport for me to be chosen to run in the relay – I haven’t and I wasn’t!  I was commissioned by Rugby-based concrete company CEMEX to photograph their Payroll & HR Manager Kevin Murch who had been chosen to carry the Olympic torch in the Relay as it passed through Rugby, Warwickshire this morning.

I photographed the torch being handed over to Kevin at the start of his leg and then I had to sprint ahead of him to take some photos of him running towards me.  I took some shots then sprinted ahead of him again to where there were lots of people lining the route patiently waiting for a runner holding a torch.  I’m afraid all they got was an rather unfit, red-faced photographer holding a couple of cameras!  To my surprise (and delight), the crowd started cheering and someone shouted out “Where’s your torch?!”.  It was at this point I decided to enter into the spirit of the moment and I proudly held up one of my cameras high into the air and carried on running.  It seemed to amuse the crowd anyway.  I was really out of breath by the time I got to the next hand-over point, but it did enable me to get some more photos of Kevin running and also his hand-over.  I hadn’t realised I was so unfit!

Here are a few photos of Kevin in his moment of glory.  Now, where’s my inhaler?..


Published Date: 2nd July 2012
Category: General