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Who Needs Professional Photographers when Digital Cameras are so Good?

How many awful profile photos have you seen on LinkedIn lately?  Chances are, you will have seen lots of very unflattering photos.  All those people are trying to impress you with their updates about the wonderful things they are doing in their businesses, but they failed to see that you lost interest when you saw their photo.  With the growth of social media, it has never been more important to have a really good business portrait to put an approachable face to your business.

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When potential clients visit your website, do they see lots of strong, well-lit photos of your products or services taken at interesting angles to grab your attention, or do they see just a block of text or uninspiring photos?  Well-taken, professional photographs will engage with the viewer and make them eager to find out more, but text on its own is dull and poor photos will just make your business look amateurish.  If you are not interested in showing your business in its best light, what does that say about your level of confidence in it?


With the advancement of digital cameras, many people think they just need the latest camera to get great photos, as it can set the exposure and focus for them.  However, the camera will not be able to light the subject well, compose the photograph, or coax the perfect expression from a subject.  It takes years to learn how to do those things. That’s why successful businesses use professional photographers as they know that first impressions count.


Published Date: 11th December 2013
Category: General