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Leicester Business Portraits – in a Dental Surgery!

I regularly take my mobile portrait studio out to business premises to take business portraits and staff portraits, but I recently had to set it up in a very unusual setting – a dental surgery in Leicester.  This is what it looked like:

My mobile portrait studio set up in a Leicester dental surgery

It was a really tight squeeze to fit all my equipment in as my collapsable white background is huge when it is opened out.  I also needed room to fit in three studio flash units and a reflector on a stand, as well as needing room to fit the subjects in and of course, me and my stepladder (I like to get a bit higher for some portraits).  I moved as much dental equipment out of the room as possible, but patients’ chair with all the adjustable arms was fixed to the floor, so all I could do was lay the chair down flat and move the arms away as far as possible.  It was certainly a first for me!

My brief was to take staff portraits against a white background of all all the staff who worked at the private Leicester practice.  I also had to take some environmental portraits  of all the dentists as their photos would feature more prominently on the company website and in brochures.  I like taking environmental portraits as it allows me to use working environment in the background in order to say something about the subject.  It looks more natural than studio backgrounds too, although white backgrounds are still very popular as they are useful for cut-outs and also for consistency and speed of shooting when taking a lot of staff portraits in a short space of time.

Anyway, the photo shoot went well and the staff seemed to enjoy it.  They all said that it didn’t hurt a bit!  Here are some of the photos:


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Warwickshire Photographer – Ex-England Cricketer Helps with Refurbishment


Ex-Leicestershire, Kent and England cricketer Paul Nixon got a new head of hair when I photographed him at Corley Cricket Club, North Warwickshire.  He was really good to work with and as you can see, he doesn’t take himself too seriously!

I was booked for the job by a PR company who works for Jewson as staff from the Jewson head office in Coventry had volunteered to help refurbish the cricket club by helping with painting and grounds maintenance.  Students from South & City College Birmingham lent a help hand with the refurbishment too.  Paul Nixon got stuck in with the painting too and they all managed to make a huge difference to the cricket club.

Once the work was finished, the students were treated to a coaching session by the famous cricketer.  He related really well to them and they found him to be a great source of inspiration.



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