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Leicester Photographer – Photos of Care Homes for the Blind in Leicestershire

I was recently commissioned by Leicestershire charity Vista to photograph two of their care homes for the blind.  They were in the process of updating their website and printed leaflets and they needed a Leicester photographer to take some new images to bring their publications to life.

Vista had some photos taken a few years ago, but they are getting a bit old now and the photos had been used many times before.  More recently, they have been using stock images from image libraries.  While the stock photos were professionally taken, Vista found that many of their competitors were also using the same photos, so they realised that the only way to get unique photos that set them apart from the competition, was to commission their own photographs.

My brief was to concentrate more on the people rather than the buildings and facilities as they wanted me to bring out the character of their patients and staff as well as to show lots of interaction between the two.  I really enjoy this type of photographic assignment as I love working with people and charming them into doing things for the camera that they would not normally do.  The added challenge with this job was that I was working with patients with varying mental issues, so I had to quickly assess how to engage each person and work out work out how far I could push them to get the photos that I needed to fulfill the brief.  I have done a lot of this type of work in the past, so I am very comfortable working with vulnerable people.  I always try to relate to them and make it a fun experience for them.  It gives them a nice experience and I am able to get better photos that way too.

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Published Date: 8th May 2014
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