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7 Signs You Should Invest In Commercial Photography

The quality of the imagery you use in your marketing, both on and offline can play a big part persuading potential customers to use your products or services.

Customers make judgements about your business based on what they see, so getting good commercial photography is important for any business operating in today’s world.

So often I see so many obvious signs that websites or marketing documents are let down by photography that does not support the words in the message. In reality, there is a likely return on investment that makes hiring a professional photographer is something your business should seriously consider.

We are living in an increasingly visual world, and images can have an enormous impact (positive or negative) on your business. This has probably never been greater than right now.   This lead me to consider these 7 Signs You Should Invest In Commercial Photography.

So what signs can give you a clue that you need to invest in?  

  1. You are using stock photographs to represent your business in your marketing.

You will get great quality with stock images and depending on your size and licence requirements, they will often be available at a pretty reasonable price.

Searching to find the right images takes time. In addition, people are now very aware of stock images and it is highly likely that other businesses will be using those same images, especially if they are good. So how will you stand out in the crowd?

If you use stock images, your potential customer may assume you are a small business. Even if you are you will appear much bigger if you look more professional – that is what good images can buy you.

Additionally, your business is unique and how much better to have photographs of real people and real situations linked to your business. This will make your images look so much more authentic.

  1. Your photos look like you have taken them on your mobile phone

Now that everyone has a reasonable camera on their mobile phones, everyone thinks they can produce acceptable photographs.

Take a look at these 2 images to see the difference:

Poor Quality mobile imageGood quality professional image

Basically what we’re looking for is authentic and real stand-out images that deliver a great return on investment.

A profile photo you took for Facebook on the mobile does not look professional in a business context. Selfies work in certain situations but it is not suitable for your business profile.

  1. Your images do not communicate your business messages effectively

Professional photography is an easy and great way to promote your brand. We all have mates down the pub, or a relative who “really has an eye for a good picture”. Modern digital cameras have allowed us to take shots that may be just good enough for the web and look good. BUT perception is everything. A good commercial photographer will do more than just take a good pic – they will take the image of your brand from good to great.

Brands are much more than a logo – they are like people – they have personality. Communicating that “personality” will have a real impact on customers and potential clients. A good commercial photographer can do more than produce a “good pic” their photographs can demonstrate your business’ passion, reliability, approachability, professionalism and charisma.

This can be portrayed in one image like this:


  1. Your images are not stimulating business – they lack creativity

If a potential customer is comparing two new suppliers one of which is your business.  You both offer similar products, services and costs, BUT your website has poor product images that make it difficult to see anything in clear detail. Then your competitor has images that showcase their product and company well.  Who will they buy from?  It doesn’t just stop with products, good head shots, staff, office images all display one key element “professionalism” and that equals more business!

A “professional photographer has the experience, technical knowledge and creative skills to take a perfect image to showcase your business to best effect.

  1. Your images do not stand out from the crowd

Dull and poor quality imagery that does not stand out from the crowd will hinder your business.

Instead, focus on the services you provide that separate your business from the other photographers shooting the same subject matter. What do you offer that’s different? How do you go above and beyond to provide great customer support for these services and products? How do you provide a truly unique experience for your clients while on the job? Also think about how you can differentiate your brand by which you target, or your location.

A professional photographer has all the necessary equipment and knowledge. Making sure the lighting is set up correctly is not as simple as it seems. Also taking the photograph is only half the task – the photographer will do post-production editing to get the best from each image.

  1. Your images lack impact.

To create the right impact your business needs to have beautiful images that stand out from the crowd. Poor images will probably lose you sales and average ones won’t really grab people’s attention or encourage them to find out more, so you really have to make sure the images are the best they can be.

A professional commercial photographer will bring style, creativity and high quality images to your brand.

The photos below show the difference a good photograph can make – the second shot is an amateur group shot with poor lighting, uninspiring composition, and a distracting background.

D1217_02hp-business-people-framed-by-a-gasket-in-a-factoryAn amateur group shot with poor lighting, uninspiring composition, and a distracting background.

  1. The products or key information is lost in the background

There is so much to getting a photograph just right. The photographer will avoid clutter – they know simplicity and clarity is the key! They know all the tricks of the trade to make the space look more appealing and attractive. Taking detail photographs of products needs special equipment, lighting and backgrounds. Having all these considerations right can make your product or business stand out in the imagery and not get lost in the back ground.

Remember Red Adair’s famous quote:

“If you think it is expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.”

You can be assured that Martin Neeves has the experience to provide you with a professional commercial photographic service – to find out more Call 01455 271849 or 07973 638591.


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