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Choosing the right corporate or commercial event photographer

Written by Martin Neeves – Commercial Event Photographer Leicestershire

Choosing the right corporate or commercial event photographer

Getting the right photographer for your event, exhibition or conference is something many people do not take seriously enough.  Often it gets left until the last minute so you end up getting whoever is available rather than the photographer who is going to best match your needs. Let us not forget that you only have one chance to capture the full glory of your event.  Publicising next year’s conference or exhibition is best done by using this year’s great images.  Words are fine, but good photographs will illustrate the spirit of the event.  So unappealing photographs are going to make future promotion to the next generation of attendees less than easy.

If you say thousands of people attended our event, that statement tends to just float over people’s heads.  Show them a photograph of the event buzzing and full of people, and then they get an immediate feeling of the vibrancy of the event.  This helps encourage them to attend, after all their first thought is “is it worth my while attending”?

Quite often the job of photographing the event falls to a staff member or someone we know who is an amateur photographer or who has a “super duper camera”.  Worse still, someone is designated to go round and “take a few photos of the day”.  They use a mobile phone or the office camera that they are not too familiar with.  Well I would say this wouldn’t I, but if you use an amateur photographer you will more than often not get amateur photographs.  It stands to reason that they will not have the necessary range of professional equipment and (more importantly) they are likely to lack experience.  It may be that people attending your event may take some great images, which they pass to you – but they might not. But that is a random solution to ensuring your event is recorded effectively.

Professional PhotographerIf your budget is tight then why not consider having a professional photographer for the keystone moments, rather than all day.  Two hours of professional coverage will be more effective and useful than eight hours of amateurish coverage.

So how do I choose that blessed professional photographer?

The very first point is to ask around and get recommendations.  Then ask to see their portfolio.  Ideally they will have past experience of photographing shows, exhibitions and conferences.  Look at their past work.  Does that work look like something you would be proud to use?

Next ask for a quotation.  If you give a good brief of what you want they should be able to give you an idea of the cost.  Remember to include the following in the brief:

  • What times does the event run for?
  • Where is it?
  • What are the important of keystone moments and when do they happen?
  • Are there going to be any formal photographs needed?
  • What is the purpose of having the photographs taken for (PR, marketing, website, general purposes)?
  • Are there any deadlines that you need the photographer to meet?
  • What parts of the event do you want them to cover?
  • What are the copyright implications with the images you wish to use?
  • Can you use the images once or as many times as possible or are there charges for each use of the images?
  • Will the photographer’s contract require permission to use or to be credited with each use of the images?
  • Are you looking for a particular style of photography – posed, press style, informal, reportage or what?
  • Are there going to be any lighting issues?
  • Are there going to be any restrictions on the use of flash or supplementary lighting?
  • Are you going to sell the images afterwards?
  • What happens if someone at the event is not prepared to be photographed and they are someone who you particularly wanted to associate with your event?  You can help with this by giving your photographer a badge to show that they are officially accredited.  Also, put a note in the programme and publicity material that you will be having an official photographer present.

If you choose a good photographer for your event then you are investing in the present and future publicity of it.

If you are looking for a highly experienced commercial event photographer then why not call Martin Neeves on 07973 638591 or on 01455 271849 or CONTACT ME to find out how I can help to record your event in a way that you will be very proud of….

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A picture or photograph is worth a thousand words

Written by Martin Neeves – Marketing Photographer Leicestershire

The modern use of the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” is often attributed to Fred R Barnard in an article he published in a trade journal called “Printers’ Ink” on 8th December 1921. Arthur Brisbane used the phrase “Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words” in a newspaper article in 1911.” There are also claims that it has Japanese and Chinese origins, but these are less easy to substantiate. But the message is clear for modern businesses, use good imagery to complement your marketing material, both on and offline.  I prefer the phrase “a photograph is worth a thousand words”.

There is certainly much research that proves that a good balance of words and photographs is beneficial in communicating your marketing messages. Quite often a good image or diagram will make a block of words easier to understand or absorb. I would also argue that a poor quality image or photograph will have the opposite effect. This is not just about the quality of the image; it is also about the clarity of the image. If the message in the words is not matched by the image then it will not make sense or convey your message correctly. Take a look at this example, there is actually nothing wrong with the photograph but the words do not compute:

Confusing photograph

Woe betide anyone trying to make sense of the instruction, we have all come across examples of this type of lack of forethought. Actually if you followed the above instructions incorrectly, you would damage the machine this control panel was fitted to – and it happened!

Poor wedding cake photoNext let me say that sometimes a picture can also damage your words and reputation, the following photograph is one used to promote a wedding cake makers leaflet. The photograph is so poor that it is a real turn off and makes the cake maker look like a complete amateur (which she is not). The detail is so poor that none of the detail on the cake is shown. The flash overpowers the cake and it looks completely – well yuk!

The good use of photographs in marketing material can enhance the message being put across and increase the persuasiveness of your message. Indeed a good photograph can be the persuasive part of the message.

Which cake would attract you, the one above or the one below?

A photograph is worth a thousand words

In the online marketing world you have only a short time to capture a site visitor’s attention. This is where the photograph is the attention grabber and the words convert. One without the other will either be less successful or FAIL.

Another factor to consider is that a good photograph can be used to confirm or prove what is written down. “Our cakes look and taste scrumptious”. Again, an excellent photograph of poor quality goods will have the opposite effect.

Grotty ChipsOur delicious chips are so appetising – or perhaps not:

Hopefully you now understand that there is life in the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” (even if I prefer “a photograph is worth a thousand words), probably more so in the modern marketing world than ever before. Too many businesses spend money on getting good copy written and then spoil the job by using poor quality or inappropriate photography.

Contact Martin Neeves on 01455 271849 or on 07973 638591 or use my contact form to get in touch now if you want to have stunning photographs that will complement your marketing words.


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