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A family portrait – the perfect family gift

Written by Martin Neeves – Family Portrait Photographer Leicestershire

A family portrait - the perfect family gift
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As Christmas comes we are all thinking of sending our gifts and Christmas cards. Sometimes it can be difficult to work out what to get everyone. Maybe you look at the commercially produced Christmas cards and think they are very much of a muchness. You’ve seen the politicians sending out family photograph Christmas Cards, some a bit “cheesy” and some quite tasteful. You think that would be nice but also are not sure if it is appropriate for “us”. Many will have noted the Kardashians various efforts at the portrait style of Christmas Cards. I previous years they have had people like top-photographer David LaChapelle do the job for an eye watering $250,000 – click to take a look at some of their efforts and see what you think.

Well let’s get it straight, the politicians and celebrities do it for publicity or brand awareness. They want to keep there persona in the mind of voters etc.

So why would a “normal family” want to have a Family Portrait Christmas Card?

  1. Well firstly, it solves the dilemma of being able to give your friends and family a unique Christmas card and deciding what to send people. You can stamp your own identity on Christmas and provide a very personal touch to Christmas.
  2. How often have you heard the cry “don’t they grow up quickly” or “gosh I had lost track of them”. Babies and children do grow so quickly. Well, this is a great way to keep relatives and friends updated on your family and make them feel that they are “in touch” with them.
  3. A family portrait - the perfect family gift
    Click on Image to see larger version

    Sharing exciting or special times in your family’s life especially if the year has been notable in some way. Maybe one, some or all the family had a notable milestone or event. Possibly it has been a difficult year or you have come through a difficult period and you wanted to how that you had come through it successfully.

So what can you do about it?

  1. Do it yourself. There is the option of DIY using a “selfie” stick or your own camera. The downside of this is that it is not going to be posed, focused or lit correctly. The upside is that it is cheap, but will not give you the best image possible.
  2. Get a friend to do it. This is likely to be better as they can do a better job of framing, focussing and composing it more effectively.
  3. Use a professional photographer. They can produce a set of high quality shots that will be well-lit, focussed, composed and delivered at the optimum quality. I essence you get what you pay for. These are going to be highly professional photographs that will look great and not look like you are fobbing your friends and family off with a cheap, low quality solution.

What sort of photograph should it be?

It is best if the shot is relaxed and only semi-formal. If it looks too posed and stiff it may feel less fun. It needs to be something that makes a great keepsake that can be treasured as a lifelong memory. Sometimes people dress up in costumes, this can work but it can also look ridiculous if the costume is outrageous. It can also look very contrived and pretentious if not thought through correctly. If you are looking for a Christmas theme then the photographer may be able to help you portray that holiday feeling.

Many great family portraits are produced in casual (but not too casual) clothes that bring through the family’s personality. It may be that an opportunity occurs during a special event, maybe a birthday, a celebration or a trip out that allows a great photo opportunity

If you are looking for a highly experienced portrait photographer who is going to capture your family with great feeling and in a complementary manner and provide a great family portrait, then why not call Martin Neeves on 07973 638591 or 01455 271849 or CONTACT ME .


Published Date: 13th November 2015
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