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Why videos are so great on websites?

By Martin Neeves – Commercial Videographer

videos on websitesVideos on websites is becoming an important element of content marketing for websites and online presences.  We all know the power of You Tube, but businesses often forget to use video effectively on their websites.  They will either just use it because someone (maybe that good old “expert in the pub) told them that “Google likes video”, or “video helps SEO”. These comments will often be caveated with the guarantee that we all fall for “trust me”. Now there is an element of truth in these statements, but there is much more to it.  Google has changed dramatically over the last 9 months (as it constantly does) and SEO is not the same as it used to be.  Just as important as the search engine angle, let us not forget the person with the credit card – they are called humans and we really need to do all we can to convert our site visitors to customers.  It is here that video can score loads of positive points for your business and your website.

So what?

Google is looking for authority, humans are looking for information.  It used to be that people got a lot of their expert information to make decisions from white papers, case studies and a visit from a salesman.  This is evolving now, and these pesky humans are beginning to prefer videos for this type of information, especially if it is informative, and helps them make decisions or solve problems.  For a long time Google, which owns You Tube, has used You Tube as a second search engine.   Simultaneously, those darn humans are using You Tube to solve their problems so the “pub experts” concept of satisfying Google is satisfied, along with the more important factor of helping site visitors.

How does that work?

The brain is a complex machine/computer that can be quickly communicated with using video.  Who says so, Martin Neeves that renowned photographer?  No, someone more authoritative than that – Dr Susan Weinschenk PhD.  Who is she you ask?  Well she is a highly paid consultant who works with Disney, Amazon and quite a few other big companies to get the most out of their customer’s pockets.

Who is Dr Weinschenk?  Well, previously she was a professor of psychology at the State University of New York before becoming a consultant. Her specialism is in cognitive psychology and focuses on how people think, remember, perceive, especially with respect to how people can make technology more usable. Her research has been into unconscious mental processing by the human brain.  This has been mainly applied to the functions of decision-making, persuasion, and emotion.

So what has Dr Susan Weinschenk PhD and her research discovered?  Well “us humans” have brains that are programmed to focus on faces to gather information.  Other marketing and advertising experts also know that “people buy from people”, so a video on a web page will draw the site visitor to itself.  We also read a lot of facial signals – sometimes we loosely call this “body language”, but it is much more than this.  It allows us to read and understand emotions.

Is that all she found, well no; we are used to getting information form the human voice. This allows the use of someone talking on a video to help us digest information quickly in a meaningful way.

There is another factor that Dr Weinschenk discovered.  This was that on a flat web page, where there is just text and the odd image, the movement used in a video clip grabs our attention.  If you are interested in seeing and hearing what she has to say, why not watch her video by clicking here.  So an understanding of the way the brain works can allow you to use of video to increase conversion rates.

If you have a product, then a video explaining how it works or how to solve problems with it, or how to set it up can be a powerful tools for your customers.  Good coordination of You Tube and your website can then get your video and web page ranking in Google.  The more people visit your site to view the video, the more your web page will rank well in the Search Engine Results Page.  Be sure to make sure that your video does not cover too much ground; focus on one subject or topic.  To be effective the video needs to be high quality.

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Published Date: 18th February 2016
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