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Is having professional photography cost effective for my business?

professional photography cost effective

Now we all have smartphones and digital cameras, the question on many business owners lips is “Is having professional photography cost effective for my business?”  It is a fair question in these cost conscious days, especially when people have an expectation of “getting a bargain.”

Well marketing, advertising and publicity are the life-blood of lead generation for all businesses, even if they are getting all their business by word of mouth.  Obviously if you are going to use any imagery it has to look professional in order the represent your business effectively.  If your images look amateurish then it will not give potential customers confidence in your business.

The old adage that a picture paints a thousand words is often bandied about.  It is true, but photographs using your smartphone cannot use the power of the professional photographer’s equipment.  The little flash on the front of a smartphone can only light up a relatively small area, whereas the professional’s lighting sets will provide a variety of lighting strengths and capabilities.  This will allow a photograph to look more professional, show fine detail more effectively and allow moving parts to be frozen in time more clearly.

scientists in silhouette

The lenses on a smartphone have improved dramatically over the past 5 years, but thy still cannot compete with the larger, more expensive lenses that a professional will use. This means that fine detail can be captured more effectively and with better focus.  A major factor that is often not considered is that a smartphone can only take photographs in JPEG or PNG format.  The professional digital camera can take these formats, but where a professional photographer will score highly is that their cameras take images in RAW format that can be manipulated and optimised to ensure the best possible image.  I have covered the benefits of the RAW format in my blog on my wedding website:  My wedding photographer wants to shoot our wedding in RAW – will they be naked?

While equipment is important, it is far less important than the eye behind the camera.  A smartphone in the hands of a professional photographer would be able to produce far better photos than the same phone in the hands of an amateur.  However, professional photographers would of course use professional camera equipment to give them far greater control and quality.  A professional photographer will use his or her skill and experience to come up with highly creative ideas for photographs and then have the ability to turn them into reality with lighting techniques far beyond the capabilities of anyone without those skills.  They will also use their charm and powers of persuasion to get their subjects to do things for the camera that they would not normally do – but all in the cause of taking a great photograph.

You may save a few hundred pounds by using your own smartphone or digital camera. But unless you can produce photographs to the same high standard as a good professional photographer, then it is going to cost you in lost sales and website visitors.  Uninspiring photographs will lead to people thinking that yours is an uninspiring business, so the cost effective question becomes very relevant.  If your competitors are promoting their products and services with professional photographs and you are not, then I am afraid you will be losing business to them.

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Published Date: 4th March 2016
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