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Hey Estates Agents, why are you not using video to sell your properties?

Written by Martin Neeves – Videographer Leicestershire

Estate agents videos

The selling of property is changing with the advent of online marketing. EMoov offers house sales for £595.  Teplio are a DIY sales platform that has a 2 priced option of £495 and £795 Most Estate Agents use Right Move, Zoopla, Prime Location and other online portals.  80% of all buyers now use the internet as a primary method of helping them at least research or to narrow down their search.  So online is at least complementing the Estate Agent’s window or local newspaper.  But with this changing landscape comes the problem of how to make your property easier to buy for potential customers.  Yes, they will get as many photographs of rooms as you chose to upload, but these are seen as carefully posed images taken to show the house in its best light.  So what can estate agents and house sellers do to make it easier?

Video can attract buyers, enhance listings and generate more sales. Google now posts You Tube and other video results in it search listing.  By 2017 it is estimated that over 70% of all internet traffic will either be video or be strongly supported by video.  Estate agents, can you afford to ignore this?  Not only does it stand you apart from your competition, but it allows the potential buyer to do their first “walk-around” the property without moving from their computer.  Done well this can be used to generate physical viewings.  It works, but it’s still a highly underused as a tool.

In the modern world, buyers do not have to trail around all the estate agents’ shops picking up house details, or trawling through local newspapers.  They can access hundreds of properties online before contacting the relevant estate agent for house details.  Video can be a deal maker that sets the agent apart from the crowd.

A 2-minute video can get around a house and extol its virtues quickly and effectively. Additionally, an estate agent can set themselves apart and build trust ahead of a face-to-face meeting with a short introductory video.  Remember – people buy from people, not computers.  They want to know that you, the estate agent, are the person who is best equipped to sell their house or find their new home.

And, another factor all businesses usually forget is that they may have a stream of written testimonials, but people will not read them all. Moreover, the populous is becoming more cynical about written testimonials, with the thought or statement that “well you wrote those didn’t you”?  A video testimonial from a satisfied customer is not only more authentic, it is a real human being and their pleasure will come across better in the video.  Unless you have a shotgun pointing at them from behind the camera making them say nice things about you, or you are waving £20 notes then viewers will see the testimonial as authentic.

Another great selling factor is that if the surrounding neighbourhood is an added selling point, then a short video will also enhance the chances of a sale.  It is a good opportunity to quickly disseminate information about local schools, shops, parks and other amenities.

Adding a video, especially if it is also posted on You Tube, will increase the chances of Page 1 listing on Mr Google.  Even better than that, having got found on Google, if your landing page has a video its conversion rates are likely to be increased by over 700% than pages that do not have video on them.   Still not convinced, well videos are shared around the internet over 1000% more than the text in blogs, especially if also on You Tube.  According to Google, a web page with no video on will have an average visit time of between 35 and 50 seconds.  That number jumps dramatically if there is good and relevant video on the page to between 3 and 5 minutes.   Rubbish or poorly produced video has little or no effect.

Home buyers and sellers are starting to ask about video to give more information about the property they are searching on.  So if this is the case and they are choosing video options if they are available, can you afford for that option not be used in your estate agency?

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Published Date: 11th April 2016
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