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A Very Challenging Photographic Assignment: Canal Boats in the Fog at Night

I have just undertaken a very challenging photographic assignment: Canal boats in the fog at night.  

I was booked by the Canal and River Trust to photograph the Foxton Locks Illuminated Boat Festival in Leicestershire which is an annual event where narrowboat owners decorate their boats with Christmas lights and take them on a parade in front of a pyrotechnic display.  This year’s event was so well attended that the organisers had to close the car parks and turn people away.  They estimated that 10,000 people came to watch the spectacle.  My brief was to photograph the boats, lights, pyrotechnics and people and to produce image that could be used in the press, on  websites, on leaflets and other merchandise such as calendars etc.  

With most night photography, very slow shutter speeds are used while the camera is on a tripod, however, that becomes problematic if the subject is moving (such as a narrowboat) as the movement would record a s blur.  To counteract this, some flash can be used in conjunction with the slow shutter speed to record a combination of frozen and blurred motion.  Well that’s what I would normally do, however, Mother Nature had different plans as it was extremely foggy last Saturday night and while the fog added to the eery atmosphere, as soon as I put even the smallest amount of fill-in flash, it hit the fog and bounced straight back at the camera, just like the headlights of a car bounce back in fog.  All very challenging indeed.  I certainly needed to draw on my 29 years of experience as a professional photographer that night.  Here are some of my photos from this assignment:

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Published Date: 22nd December 2016
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