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Food Photography in Leicester – Amazing Food at Sapori Italian Restaurant in Anstey, Leicestershire

As I regularly do food photography in Leicester, I recently had the pleasure of photographing some amazing food at Sapori Italian Restaurant in Anstey, Leicestershire.  The restaurant has only been in existence for five years, but it has picked up many national awards along the way (including Italian Restaurant of the Year) so I knew I would be photographing some pretty special food.  It’s co-owned by chef Andrea Scarpati who has been a chef for 25 years – and you can tell!  I love working with people who do their job really well and Andrea didn’t disappoint.  His attention to detail was a credit to him and he produced the most colourful and and intricate dishes that anyone could wish for.

My brief was to take some photos which would initially be published in an Italian magazine and subsequently published on the restaurant’s website and in other marketing material.  I was asked to take some shots of the outside of the restaurant and also some interiors of both the restaurant and bar areas.  I then had to take some portraits of Andrea – both posed and at work in the kitchen.  However, the main part of my brief was to photograph the food.  We decided to photograph it in the restaurant in order to get some of the atmosphere of the restaurant in the background of some of the shots as we didn’t want it to have a studio feel to it.  I still used my studio lighting equipment to show the food at it’s best, but I had to work fast and not cause too much disruption to the diners even though we had chosen a quiet time and a quiet day for the photo shoot.

I have done quite a lot of food photography over the years.  It all started over 30 years ago.  While I was still at school, as well as volunteering in the photographic department at my local newspaper, I was an assistant to an excellent food photographer in Kent called Mick Duff.    Mick is married to cookery writer Gail Duff and he produced the photos for many of her books as well as taking food photos for many national magazines.  I learnt a lot from Mick and gained a lot of experience with him.  I then went of to be a staff press photographer, but since starting my freelance photography and video business 21 years ago, food photography is one of the many things I have been lucky enough to do.  One of the most prestigious food shoots I did was a series of shots for a leading UK supermarket’s website, working alongside a food stylist who employed many tricks to make the food look amazing.

If you are a restaurant owner or designer and you need some excellent food photography in Leicester (or anywhere in the Midlands), then please call Martin Neeves on 07973 638591 or on 01455 271849.


Published Date: 31st January 2017
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Celebrating 30 years of being a Professional Photographer

2017 is a special year for me as it marks 30 years of my being a full-time professional photographer.  I have been producing corporate videos for the last 7 years too.  While I started off as a staff press photographer, I have been running my photography and video business for 21 years.  And before anyone asks, yes, I did start when I was 3 years old! 😉

My clients appreciate the wealth of experience that I bring to every job.  It really does make a difference.  It especially makes a difference in difficult situations – whether that’s technically difficult lighting situations or in dealing with awkward, reluctant or vulnerable people.  I regularly charm such people into doing something for the camera that they wouldn’t normally do.  Over the last 30 years, there are not many situations that I have not had to deal with and I have learnt so much along the way.  I never stop learning, so I am always adding to my experience bank.  When clients book me, they don’t just book my time on-site and afterwards with my post-production skills, they are also buying the knowledge and skills that I have acquired over 30 years.

If you want to hire a highly experienced professional photographer who knows how to get the best images from any situation, then call Martin Neeves on 07973 638591 or on 01455 271849.


Published Date: 12th January 2017
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