Why use a professional photographer for your website or business photography Hinckley?

Posted on Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

The Internet has opened up many opportunities for businesses to promote their goods and services to a much bigger audience. Great images have an incredible impact, but conversely, poor images tell another story.  An out of focus or poorly produced photograph can put the site visitor off your services or products.  Imagine you are selling a television in an offline shop and it is dusty, scratched and nor displayed to attract a sale – would you put up with that?  Or perhaps you have a printed flyer that has spelling mistakes, looks amateurish – is it going to convince someone to use your services unless they are after cheap and cheerful, and do not care about quality.

Poor quality tells the customer you do not care about quality!

Poorly lit, fuzzy photographs are not going to sell your business.  Poor images tell the potential customer that YOU do not care about quality! If your business photography is poor, then what else in the business is poor?

Mobile phones and digital cameras have made us think that taking photos is easy; anyone can produce “good enough” for the web.  But that is actually not true, it is often the attention to detail and the creative way that an image is photographed that makes all the difference.

For example, the shine back of the flash causing a glow or the reflection of the photographer in a shiny image distracts the potential customer and are classic errors made by a camera owner who thinks they are a photographer.

business photography
Let us play a game – spot the photographer.

Or oops the flash shows up the polish marks.
Or oops the flash shows up the polish marks

Stock images then?

Okay got my point, but of course you might say that you can use stock images. In most cases stock images look generic; they do now show your real-life business. They look posed, set-up and “acted”.  One stock image usually comes from a suite of up to 100 variations of the same theme and models from the same photographer, so the chances are that you will not have a unique image.  Half the battle for businesses these days is to stand out from the crowd – to be unique.  Your business is unique, so it needs to have a style of imagery that compliments your brand, instead of mimicking someone else’s. You will not do a good job “shoe-horning” a hotchpotch of stock images to fit your corporate brand.

Okay, okay so why the professional for business photography?

A good professional photographer will understand your brief and work out an image set that expresses your brand in the way you want it.   This will help your company to portray itself in your unique and individual way with great business photography.

Because you are briefing the photographer and working with them, you will have control of the way the images are produced.  Poor quality photographs or littering your website, brochure and sales leaflets with cheap stock library images can cost you a lot more than using a professional photographer.  The damage poor imagery can do to your brand, corporate identity and the image is too big a risk.

If you wants exclusive photographic images that sets your business apart from your competitors, then think carefully about using a professional photographer. Remember a great artist is not a great artist because of the equipment they have but because of the knowledge and skills acquired over many years.

A professional photographer, who is experienced in producing business photography, knows that things can go wrong during a shoot, and leaves nothing to chance. They will have planned your shoot, and have fall-back ideas to cope with weather, lighting, equipment failure. When an amateur photographer takes a photograph with good or bad equipment they tend to just point the camera and trust the equipment to do the work.  Whilst it can be possible to produce reasonable photographs, you can quickly see the difference from a professional shot.  A professional photographer can take into account exposure times, lighting distance to the subject, and the benefits of using different lenses.  With all these variables considered, the professional will frame the image to generate best visual effect.  Your photographs, and hence your business will stand out from the crowd.   That is business photography in action, working for your business.

See examples of my business photography.

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