Children’s Day Nursery Franchise Video

Here’s a short video I produced for Banana Moon Day Nursery which is a rapidly-expanding franchise of UK children’s day nurseries.  My brief was to produce a short film which highlighted the high standard of childcare that is applied across all their nurseries and then produce separate versions of the same film with contact details of each of the 40 (currently) day nurseries added at the end.  Each franchisee will then get the option of customising the film further if they wish me to film some shots that are specific to their nursery.

I used a professional voiceover artist to perform the voiceover script and then filmed all the visuals to fit the script exactly.  Some clients prefer to perform their own voiceovers, which can work if they don’t have a strong accent and they are receptive to creative direction.  A strong accent can work if their film is targeted at a very local audience who will identify with the same regional accent, however, most voiceovers are best left to the professionals and I think the voiceover artist I used for this film did a superb job with it.

Following this job, the same client booked me to take some staff portraits of their head office management and staff and also to take some still photos of one of their other nurseries for two new brochures they are producing.

My client was so pleased with the results that he wrote this fabulous review on Free Index about me: “We have used Martin Neeves for two projects now. The first was a promotional video, and the second was for a series of portrait photos of our own staff team. In each case Martin was working with people who were not used to (and in fact very nervous about) having a camera pointed at them! Martin has a very pleasant, easy-going nature which puts people at ease instantly. The video was especially challenging as it was filmed at a children’s nursery, where he had to contend with dozens of lively children, nervous staff and concerned parents, but coped superbly and brought a lot of great ideas to the day. Even more importantly though, the quality of the finished work was outstanding. Highly recommended (and in fact we have just booked him for another project!). ”

Here are some of the photos from the brochure shoot: