Corporate Videography

While the mainstay of my business used to be still photography, I have also been producing business videos since 2010, with great success. Corporate videography is a growing side of my business and it is something which I really enjoy. I now do as much videography as still photography these days (if not more!). I have invested heavily in both equipment and in training so I am keen to produce more and more corporate videos.

Why do I need a video on my website?

Google takes a lot of notice of video content (primarily because Google now owns You Tube), so many companies now appreciate that if they want to gain higher search engine rankings, they must have videos on their websites. Videos also have the advantage of bringing your website to life as you can get your personality across in a way you cannot with printed words. A study showed that people remember just 20% of what they hear, only 30% of what they see. but a massive 70% of what they see AND hear. Are you still wondering why you need videos on your website?

Videos can also be used in presentations at conferences or be displayed in your reception area for visitors to view. I can also produce video releases to be distributed to news organisations. Indeed, one of my videos recently featured on the local television news programme BBC East Midlands Today. These days it is not just television stations who use video though. Radio stations and newspapers also need video for their websites too.

Do I need to use a professional videographer or filmmaker to make a video?

You could just put amateur videos or photos on your website, but would it portray the right image to your potential clients? If you want to project a professional image, I strongly urge you to go to a professional image-maker (such as me!). Many videographers can’t take still photos and many still photographers can’t shoot video, however, I can tailor a package for BOTH still photography and video to suit your exact needs, saving you time, hassle and a lot of money.

Making a video can be a daunting process, but I can guide you through it by helping you with the script-writing and suggesting suitable footage to be used as cut-aways during interviews. I then handle all the lighting, sound and camera work before heading back to the studio to edit the video to your specification. I am happy to host your video on my You Tube channel if you wish for no extra fee. I would then give you the You Tube “embed” code that you simply copy and paste onto a page of your website, then HEY PRESTO! – you have professional videos on your website. It really is that simple.

Call me now on 07973 638591 or CONTACT ME for an estimate or if you wish to discuss a video for your business.

Here are some sample videos:

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