A stills video for a Leicester-based charity which provides supported housing for people with mental health problems.

This film uses still photographs to accompany the voices of four services users who describe their lives before and after coming to Norton House. Their stories tell a very powerful story of how Norton House has improved their lives immeasurably.

I initially recorded audio interviews with lots of their service users, but in order to keep the video fairly short, it was decided to concentrate on just four case histories as I felt it would have more impact. I have done lots of work with vulnerable people, so I am used to dealing with them at whatever level they feel comfortable. They all enjoyed the recording experience and even though I wasn’t able to use some of their interviews, I was able to involve them in some of the still photos later. Once I had edited the four best interviews to the length required, I was able to take some relevant still photos of the service users in their surroundings, interacting with staff and with other service users, to illustrate the points they made. I made good use of black-and-white photos while they talked about their lives before Norton House, switching to colour when then talked about their lives now. Norton House does great work and it was a pleasure to produce this video for them.

Sadly, one of the interviewees, Mike, has now passed away, but his family are proud that his memory lives on in this video.