Business videos for premium brand car servicing specialist iAutoUK.

The video above is a short film to promote Coventry-based garage iAutoUK, who specialise in servicing premium brand cars (particularly German cars). They are different from other garages in that they are a professional main dealer alternative – at a fraction of the cost of using a main dealer. The video is based on a voiceover by the garage owner, illustrated by footage of the technicians and sales staff at work, as well as lots of general views of the garage and close-ups of little details that are being described in the narrative. Even though the final film is only 2 minutes long, the filming and recording process took a whole day to complete. The film looks great on their website and being on You Tube, it has given them an extra boost with their website marketing.

iAutoUK have now launched their business as a franchise and this short video shows the opening of the UK’s first independent car servicing franchise in Solihull, West Midlands. The first half of the video shows the opening ceremony, speeches, general views and close-ups of staff and guests (mainly set to music) and the second half shows interviews with the local MP, town mayor, franchisee and founder of the company. The video was used on their website and in social media, but I also produced a video news release (which was edited very differently to this film) aimed specifically at local television news and I also produced unedited videos of each of the interviews.

You will notice a photographer is shown in this film and that it’s not me! While I regularly do both stills photography and videos for businesses when the subject that can be set-up for each, I felt it would compromise the coverage too much for me to do both stills and video of a live event such as this. For this reason, I employed another excellent photographer (with similar experience to me) and I shot and edited the video as well as handling all the post-production work for the stills photography myself. That way, iAutoUK only had to deal with me and I was able to take care of all their imaging needs.