Children’s Charity Videos

Over the last few years I have produced some very moving charity videos for a children’s charity to help it raise some much-needed funds.

The Bamboozle Theatre Company are a Leicester-based charity who transform the lives of children and young adults with both physical and learning disabilities, through the power of theatre, throughout the UK.  The work they do is amazing.  I first witnessed the incredible work that they do when I photographed and filmed their show “The meadowland”.  Their shows are always staged in small studio theatres as they strictly limit the numbers of families invited to around six.  That way, they can personalise each show to include welcome songs for each child and then involve each one to help them get the most out of each experience.  They try to stimulate all the senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste to really immerse each child into whatever scene they are creating.  It was really lovely to see the joy on the children’s faces as their wheelchairs were pushed at great speed into a large sheet of silk that was billowing in front of a wind machine to simulate a howling gale.  They absolutely loved it!  To finish the show, the actors sang a very touching song called “You Belong Here”, with everyone huddled into a small circle and once again, they named every child present.  That one really got to me, so it was a good job I had some pretty big cameras to hide behind so no-one could see my tears!

Every year, Bamboozle has a charity gala evening with top-notch food and entertainment as well as a charity auction with some impressive lots up for grabs.  To help them highlight the tremendous work they do and to illustrate exactly how they transform the lives of those children and their families, I produced some videos of the families telling their story in their own words.  The videos were then shown during the charity gala nights with the intention of encouraging the guests to dig a little deeper when bidding in the auction or when signing up for regular direct debit contributions to help keep the charity going.

The Smith Family

The Fretwell family

The Jones Family

I hope you agree that these are pretty powerful charity videos.  I found them quite emotional to edit as I was having to go over them so many times, so once again Bamboozle had me crying!  However, I defy anyone (especially if they are a parent) to not be moved by these stories.  After the first gala that showed my videos, Bamboozle’s Artistic Director Christopher Davies said “The films of the Joneses and Fretwells are brilliant – you did a great job- thank you. They had a big impact at the gala on Saturday which is not surprising – silent room when they were shown!”

Here is a short preview film I made of Bamboozle’s Along the Riverbank production which illustrates the extremely high-quality of their productions.

Here’s a short film I produced of edited highlights of Bamboozle’s production of The Girl and The Goat.

Here’s a short film I produced of edited highlights of Bamboozle’s production of Gentle Giant by Michael Morpurgo.

Here’s a short film I made of the highlights of Bamboozle’s production of Hansel & Gretel.

Here’s a very short video I made to go in a Christmas e-card for Bamboozle, for which people and businesses donated money in return for being able to send the e-card to their friends and contacts, as well as being able to put it on their social media.  The e-card raised £2,695 for the charity and it also raised a lot of awareness of the great work that Bamboozle does.  I have had so much good feedback about this e-card and lots of people were really touched by it.

Bamboozle’s Tours & Marketing Co-ordinator Jade Frost recently wrote the following review on Free Index about me: “Bamboozle has used Martin Neeves Photography and Film for a number of our projects and we’ve been delighted with the results; both with Martin’s still photography and film-making. Martin has been great to work with – he’s approachable, friendly and keen to capture the essence of our work with children and young people who have learning disabilities. Martin approached our projects with great care and sensitivity. As a theatre company, it’s vital for us to showcase our work through quality film and photography, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Martin.”

I am in complete awe of this incredible charity, so much so, that in 2015 I did a charity tandem parachute jump and raised over £700 for them.  CLICK HERE to view some very dramatic photos and a very scary video of my skydive.  If you would like to contact Bamboozle, their website is www.bamboozletheatre.co.uk and their phone number is 0116 255 2065.

If you would like someone compassionate to make some powerful charity videos for you, please CONTACT ME or give me a call on either 01455 271 849 or on 07973 638 591.