Video news release for a Leicestershire housing association.

This video shows the fitting of an experimental loft conversion on a housing association’s terraced house in Leicester.  Traditionally, builders, carpenters, electricians, roofers and window fitters would work directly within the roof-space of an existing house when creating a loft conversion.  My client has been involved in an experimental project to make a loft conversion entirely of-site in a factory (which was completely fitted-out) and then transport it on a low-loader and lower it into place with a huge crane.  The whole process took a lot of skill, accuracy and patience by all who participated, but it was fascinating to watch.

The video has been used extensively in presentations about the project and it has  received a huge number of hits on you Tube.  It deliberately does not have any music or narrative as it was easier for news organisations to use however they wanted it. The film was shown on BBC East Midlands Today as I sent them a higher-resolution version than is shown here.  When commissioning a video, it is important to discuss its final use(s) as I can give the film the appropriate treatment and edit it according to your needs.  I may often have to edit different versions for different uses as video news releases have very specific criteria for example.