LawNet Solicitors Videos

Here are six videos that I produced for solicitors organisation LawNet.  LawNet is a network of solicitors and law firms from all over the UK whose aims are to educate its members on the latest regulations, help to promote its members, offer advice, support and networking opportunities to its members, as well as offering other benefits such as professional indemnity insurance.

Having seen some of the many solicitors videos I produced in the past, LawNet were confident that I was up to the job and being a photographer as well as a videographer, they booked me to take some still portraits of each interviewee too.  I filmed all six videos  and took all the portrait photos in a single (but very intense!) day at LawNet’s headquarters in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.  I set up my lights in one room set-aside for the filming the interviews, then we used the rest of the building to film the cutaways that are necessary to make the videos more visually interesting.  Four of the interviewees were solicitors who were happy to give video testimonials about the benefits of their membership of LawNet and the other two were staff videos (CEO and head of training).

Spencer Davies of Gepp & Sons solicitors talks about how to differentiate your business in the marketplace and how LawNet helps his law firm to stand out from the crowd.

Rodger Price of Symes Bains Broomer solicitors talks about the professional indemnity insurance cover provided by LawNet.

Peter Riddleston, head of Learning, Quality & Development at LawNet, talks about the training programmes his organisation provides.

Kim Carr or FBC Manby Bowdler LLP solicitors talks about her firm’s client charter and membership of LawNet.

Chris Marston, Chief Executive of solicitors organisation LawNet, talks about the benefits of membership for law firms in the UK.

Andrew Anthony of Vanderpump & Sykes solicitors describes how he keeps up to date with current regulations via his membership of LawNet