MIRA Vehicle Environmental Testing Video

Here is a short commercial video I produced for MIRA (Motor Industry Research Association) to highlight their vehicle environmental test facilities in Warwickshire.

I have filmed and photographed in MIRA’s full scale wind tunnels before and they are pretty extreme, but their climatic wind tunnels take it to another level not only do they have strong wind, they can create temperatures up to +55 degrees C and down to -40 degrees C.  If that is not enough, they can also introduce rain and snow!  I filmed a car being tested for snow ingestion so me and my cameras had to endure freezing cold blizzard conditions at -15 degrees C in order to make this film.  Thankfully, we all survived in one piece, although I had to take precautions to protect my cameras from being damaged by condensation when bringing them back into the warm.  I always enjoy working at MIRA as they have some amazing and extreme vehicle testing facilities which I find really interesting.  Most of what I film and photograph there is confidential, but this is one film they have allowed me to share publicly, so I hope you enjoy it!

Being a photographer as well as a videographer, I was also able to take some high-quality still photos of the climatic wind tunnel too.  Here are some of my photos from the shoot: