A short video about a prototype mobile asphalt recycling machine.

This short video shows a prototype mobile asphalt recycling machine in action. It is based around a drum of a cement mixer in which old bits of asphalt from a road in need of repair is placed, heated up and mixed together. As if by magic, out comes new asphalt, ready to be laid and to make the road look like new again. All this and it’s mobile, so the whole process can be carried out on-site. Genius!

I was asked to make this film by the company who designed and made the machine to show prospective purchasers of the machine that it actually works. As you can see from the film, it certainly does work! It was deliberately made without a voiceover as the main use of the film was for my client’s sales reps to talk over it while showing the film on presentations to prospective clients. I think the film works very well just set to music anyway as the process is self-explanatory.

I am very proud of this film, but I have not been allowed to show it for a long time as the company was still awaiting to be granted a patent for their design when I made the film. However, they have now got the patent as they made the film public by putting it on their You Tube channel for public viewing. I have still not put the film on my You Tube channel, so the video you can see here is being streamed from their channel in order to give them full control.