Client & staff videos for a large chain of UK solicitors – Quality Solicitors

Here are three very short business videos that I produced as part of a larger project for a chain of UK solicitors. Quality Solicitors had just re-branded and were in the process of producing a new website. They commissioned me to produces 35 videos within the space of just 3 weeks. While I didn’t get much sleep during those three weeks, I successfully met their extremely tight deadline and my client was delighted with the results.

This film is a customer testimonial video, shot at the client’s premises, a printing works. It is based around an interview with the client and it also shows their interaction with their solicitor as well as general views and close-ups of printing presses in action. Customer testimonial videos are a very powerful way of endorsing your brand as the viewer can see and hear the person making the testimonial.

This is a staff video, shot at the solicitor’s office. It is designed to give an insight to personality of the solicitors that prospective clients would be dealing with. Video is a great way of getting your personality across in a way that still photos and printed words cannot do.

This is a client testimonial video, shot at the solicitor’s office and based around an interview with a happy client. It also shows lots of interaction between the client and her solicitor as these cut-aways makes the film far more visually interesting than a view of just someone just talking for the entire length of the film.