The power of a Testimonial Video from the Leicestershire Videographer Martin Neeves

I have been producing videos for some years and usually have to resort to storytelling to get the message across for commercial videos and make it a bit exciting. These projects will involve a great deal of planning and thought about what the message is, what the client is trying to tell the world and much head scratching about what I am going to include in the video. They are often factual and my challenge is to make a dry subject or industry interesting.

The power of online video

Commercial video can add real value to your website or your presentations. I can tell the story of your business in a quick visual way. It can be eye-catching and there is much research to show that it aids website conversion. It can be a great way to add a human touch to your online presence, as well as engage your potential and actual customers.

Research has shown that online video pays a key part of content marketing, especially on websites. According to Cisco research, it projects that video will account for 69% of consumer web traffic in 2017. The take-up of video usage on Facebook is growing at a rapid rate. The Digital Marketing Magazine found that companies with video on their website needed 37% fewer unique visitors to generate a marketing response.

One great factor with video is that it can be viewed on all platforms from a PC or laptop to a smartphone. This gives your business an extended reach that complements your website and social media, along with all your other online presence. Online marketing is all about engagement and a testimonial video provides a splendidly effective way of making that engagement stick. Can you afford not to consider video as part of your online marketing mix? A testimonial video gives real authenticity to your written testimonials.

The Fun side of making commercial videos

It is not often that I get to do a video shoot that has a real purpose but that fills me with joy. Recently, I was asked to produce a testimonial video that was great fun to do, but that tugged at my emotions. My friend Chris Cooper-Hayes of Cooper-Hayes Garden Design decided to undertake a project based upon the concept of the BBC gardening series Ground Force to transform a ragged garden into a nice place for a special little girl. Chris had pulled together a team of people to give Lilly, a young girl who had battled with cancer a “nice garden to play in”. The Team worked in predictably wet British weather to work their magic. I was then asked to produce photography and a testimonial video to publicise this fabulous work.

The photography was an easy subject, being a father myself; I could really understand the joy that this garden gave to Lilly and her lovely parents. But making the testimonial video was something else. I had seen the progressive photographs as Lilly went through her treatment and had heard the regular updates from her grandfather and father as she went through the rigours of her treatment. But all this was at arm’s length, and I must admit to having felt some emotion during the process – what parent could not empathise with a child battling cancer? But I was not prepared for the raw emotion, all good stuff, when I saw the joy on Lilly’s face as she was able to play in that wonderful garden with her parents. It was not just her joy, but the pleasure Lilly’s parents Lewis and Sonia had because they could play with her in such a beautiful and safe environment.

Although I went through my usual rigorous planning process for a commercial video, I had such great fun with this project. It felt like time out of my busy routine and also made me feel thankful for the blessings of my own daughter and partner.

The really good news is that Lilly’s cancer battle seems to have been won and her hair is growing back. She is now able to restart her journey through life as a happy young girl.

If you want to see more details about the project on Chris Cooper-Hayes website follow this link to see how the garden was transformed:

From this…… To this…..

Lilys Garden - beforeLilys Garden - after - The power of a Testimonial Video

And for good measure here is the testimonial video

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