TV Chef Cookery Video

Here is a video I produced of TV chef and judge on ITV’s “Britain’s Best Bakery” Peter Sidwell giving his top tips for baking bread.

I was booked for the assignment by The Silver Spoon Company who are the company behind Allinson bread, flour and yeast to produce a short video for the BakingMad.com website.

My brief was to make the video have a very direct, modern and informal feel – similar in style to Jamie Oliver and Keith Floyd’s cookery videos.  The traditional style for cookery videos (such as Delia Smith’s videos) had a main camera fixed on tripod and then separate close-up cutaways would be filmed to show the details of what was happening in the bowl etc, but the last few years have seen things loosen up dramatically.  While the traditional style gives a more technically stable video, the modern approach is much more fun and really engages with the viewer.  For this reason, I decided to hand-hold the camera on a shoulder-rig throughout.  This enabled me to stand back when a wide shot was required and then quickly rock forward for the close-up shots, which although both technically and physically quite demanding, I felt it was the right approach.  I got Peter to make the loaf of bread twice as the second time allowed me to concentrate on some extra close-up cutaways as these are always needed, whichever style of cookery video is chosen.

I drove all the way up to Penrith in the beautiful Lake District to film the video at Peter’s cookery school. Peter was great to work with.  Nothing was too much trouble for him.  He is such a great presenter (as well as being a top chef) as his passion for baking really shines through in this video and he always had the right words for whatever point he wanted to make, which helped to keep the number of takes down to a minimum.  We had lots of laughs during the filming and he was constantly feeding us his delicious creations.  (It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!).  He even made some sandwiches for me and my clients to take home.  Top bloke!

Here’s a photo of me filming Peter Sidwell, which shows how I took over his cookery school with my light, sound and camera equipment.  I even managed to get my client (Dan) to hold the microphone boom-pole for me so they didn’t have to pay extra for an assistant, which helped to keep the cost down.  When you watch the video, I hope you agree with me that it was all worth it.

Videographer Martin Neeves filmes a cookery video of TV chef Peter Sidwell
Leicestershire photographer and videographer Martin Neeves films a cookery video of TV chef and judge on ITV’s “Britain’s Best Bakery” Peter Sidwell at his cookery school in the Lake District.