Here is an explainer video for a warehouse management system software company.

Having previously done lots of stills photography for Synergy, the company behind Snapfulfil warehouse management system, they asked me to produce an explainer video to let people know what their software does.  They found that prospective clients often didn’t know what warehouse management systems do, so my video would be a useful sales aid.  It had to be clear and concise, but it didn’t have to be a short as many social media / web videos as viewers would have a reason to watch it.  

The film is underpinned by a voiceover and overlaid with visual footage which I filmed in a warehouse in Manchester.  As not all the facilities mentioned in the film were available at that warehouse, I had to use some footage that had previously been shot for other Snapfulfil films.

The film a very technical one to edit as much of the voiceover referred to screen shots of specific parts of the software which I  had no knowledge of (and wasn’t expected to have any knowledge of).  For this reason, i took my editing suite along to the client’s premises and edited the main parts with my clients sitting next to me.  Once they were happy with the rough edit, I finished it off and tidied it up back at base.

I had a very tight deadline to film and edit this explainer video, but my client was delighted with the finished film.  Gavin Clark, Commercial Director for Synergy Logistics Ltd wrote the following review on Free Index bout me after I completed this video: “We used Martin for a corporate video and some stills and the Quality and Finish have been amaa=zing!! great work Martin.”

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