Aerial Photography Portfolio

Aerial Photography

I offer two options for aerial photography, depending on the shots required, locations and airspace:

Mid or High-level Aerial Photography from a Helicopter or Aeroplane

Helicopters are usually the best option for aerial photography as they can be hovered in exactly the right position, however, sometimes costs can be lowered by using a fixed-wing aeroplane if exact positioning is not essential. Each site comes with it’s own challenges, so it’s best to give me a call to discuss the issues. Some sites in built-up areas may require the use of twin-engine aircraft in order to keep the right side of the law. Low-flying laws also apply, but the rules for each site depend on how controlled the airspace above it is, how built up the area is and what type of aircraft we opt for.  The aircraft companies I use all hold Air Operator’s Certificates (AOC) for carrying out aerial photography.  Their pilots are all fully-qualified commercial pilots and they have full public liability insurance.

Low-level Drone Aerial Photography from a UAV

For low-level aerial photography (up to 400 feet above ground level) I can offer both stills photography and video from a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), AKA a drone.  Drone videos in particular can be really dramatic as there is a really intimacy between the camera and the subject.  While I direct the shoot and operate the camera and gimbal that is mounted on the drone, a separate pilot controls the aircraft.  The company I use to operate the UAVs are all fully insured and their pilots are fully qualified and licenced for drone aerial photography.

I am used to working out viewpoints for specific aerial photos as I am regularly given old aerial photos that need new ones taken of the same view, or artist’s impressions of new sites (that have yet to be built) in order to take shots of how the landscape looks now. Both type of shoots are quite difficult to achieve as height and lens choice have to be considered as well as the lateral position of the aircraft, but I have always managed to achieve the desired results so far. As ever, my extensive experience in this area really helps.

Like architectural photography, aerial photography can be a bit frustrating if my client has a tight deadline and the weather is not suitable, so I always advise clients to plan as far ahead as possible to get the best results. The ideal lighting conditions for great aerial photographs is a sunny day, with no (or very little) cloud cover and lots of visibility. Some of the best days are actually in the winter as the visibility can be superb on a cold, clear, sunny day, whereas the visibility can be very poor on a hot and sunny summer’s day. So don’t feel that you have to wait until the summer to have aerial photos taken. The only downside (for me!) of taking them in the winter is that it can be extremely cold to work in as I usually take the aircraft door off to save me from having to shoot through the window when shooting mid or high level aerial photography from a helicopter.

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