Industrial & Commercial Photography Portfolio

Industrial & Commercial Photography

I regularly have to make seemingly uninteresting subjects look amazing. That is the hallmark of a good photographer. I recently had to photograph some polythene bags for a manufacturer who had originally used another photographer. They were unhappy with the other photographer’s shots as the bags were just thrown down on an uninspiring background and the lighting was dreadful, so the bags looked dull and lifeless. I photographed the bags filled with coloured water and lit them to bring out the vibrancy of the colours and my client was delighted with my photos. On another occasion, I had to photograph some decorative boxes with holograms on the front. Again, they had previously been photographed by someone else and the boxes looked dull as the holograms didn’t shine properly. The boxes were really tricky to light, but I managed to get the holograms glowing with a myriad of colours. Again, my client was delighted and the boxes sold really well once my photos were put up on their eBay store.

Many years ago, I used to be an assistant to a food photographer, so he taught me a lot about this highly specialised field of work. This experience has been useful as I often photograph foods such as flapjacks and cakes for the food manufacturers and I recently photographed some food for a leading UK supermarket for their website. I have contacts with top food stylists who are essential in preparing the food to look its best, ready for me to position and light before photographing.

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