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Traditionally, portraits of children were always done in the studio and while this can still be done, children can feel intimidated by such environments. While I can offer studio portraits, I prefer to photograph children either in their home or in park, a playground, a skate park, in the countryside, in an urban city environment, playing sport, playing the piano, having dance lessons, performing on stage, hanging out with their mates – basically, anywhere where they feel comfortable and at ease, as they are more likely to come to life and show their true selves. When children are happy they are more likely to give me those great expressions that when captured, you will treasure for ever.Most portrait photographers charge very little for a portrait sitting, however, if you are offered such a sitting, BEWARE OF THE HIDDEN COSTS as you are not likely to receive any of the digital files and they will very likely employ high-pressure sales tactics in order to get you to buy lots of over-priced prints. You will usually have to go back to their studio for a viewing and then be told that any photos you don’t order at the time will be destroyed. I know several people who have been conned into paying thousands of pounds on portrait photography and it has now made them feel very wary of photographers, which is quite understandable. Personally, I hate such tactics, so I offer a much more honest and straightforward approach to portrait photography where I just charge my normal hourly commercial rates for the shoot, but you will not be ripped-off for sky-high priced prints afterwards, so what I offer is far better value than photographers who initially appear to be cheaper.


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