Here’s a social media video I was recently commissioned to produce:

I was contacted by Golley Slater London PR, the PR company for the developer Shanly Homes to produce a social media video which they hoped would go viral.  Shanley Homes have a charitable foundation called Shanly Foundation which ran a national competition for scout groups to win a new scout hut.  Each group had to explain why they needed a new hut and submitted plans for their new hut to meet their specific needs.  Woodhouse Eaves Scout Group in Leicestershire won the competition and were given a cheque for £100,000 to fund their new scout hut during a surprise presentation at one of their regular meetings.  

My client wanted me to make a very short video to be put on social media.  It was to be based on the reactions of the scouts when they were told they had won the competition, but also to include a few very short interviews to back up the reactions.  Only the scout leader knew about the presentation and all the other volunteers and scouts had no idea what was about to happen.  I arrived early to set up and I was introduced as a filmmaker who was making a video about scouting.  I was then able to get some shots of the scouts’ activities during their meeting before the surprise was sprung.  This time also allowed the scouts to get used to my being there which helped record more natural reactions.  When the Shanly Foundation representatives walked in and made the announcement, the scouts faces were a picture!  I was in the right position to capture their surprise and delight and the celebrations that followed.  After filming some interviews I took a small selection of still photos for them too.

I was able to edit the video very quickly ready for my client to splash all over their social media.  Victoria Cook of Golley Slater wrote the following review on Free Index: “Martin captured the moment when we surprised a Scout Group with a £100,000 prize on behalf of a client. He worked with us to maintain the element of surprise to ensure the best shots were captured and edited the footage to tell a really lovely story. The final piece needed very little edits and the client was thrilled!”  

Scout group cheers while holding cheque for £100,000.

Also, Ben Owen of Golley Slater emailed me to say: “We are delighted to say that your video has been used on the Leicester Mercury and Loughborough Echo. Please see a direct link to both stories here:


Many thanks again for the fantastic filming 🙂
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