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Why use a professional photographer for your website or business photography Hinckley?

Posted on Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

The Internet has opened up many opportunities for businesses to promote their goods and services to a much bigger audience. Great images have an incredible impact, but conversely, poor images tell another story.  An out of focus or poorly produced photograph can put the site visitor off your services or products.  Imagine you are selling a television in an offline shop and it is dusty, scratched and nor displayed to attract a sale – would you put up with that?  Or perhaps you have a printed flyer that has spelling mistakes, looks amateurish – is it going to convince someone to use your services unless they are after cheap and cheerful, and do not care about quality.

Poor quality tells the customer you do not care about quality!

Poorly lit, fuzzy photographs are not going to sell your business.  Poor images tell the potential customer that YOU do not care about quality! If your business photography is poor, then what else in the business is poor?

Mobile phones and digital cameras have made us think that taking photos is easy; anyone can produce “good enough” for the web.  But that is actually not true, it is often the attention to detail and the creative way that an image is photographed that makes all the difference.

For example, the shine back of the flash causing a glow or the reflection of the photographer in a shiny image distracts the potential customer and are classic errors made by a camera owner who thinks they are a photographer.

business photography
Let us play a game – spot the photographer.

Or oops the flash shows up the polish marks.
Or oops the flash shows up the polish marks

Stock images then?

Okay got my point, but of course you might say that you can use stock images. In most cases stock images look generic; they do now show your real-life business. They look posed, set-up and “acted”.  One stock image usually comes from a suite of up to 100 variations of the same theme and models from the same photographer, so the chances are that you will not have a unique image.  Half the battle for businesses these days is to stand out from the crowd – to be unique.  Your business is unique, so it needs to have a style of imagery that compliments your brand, instead of mimicking someone else’s. You will not do a good job “shoe-horning” a hotchpotch of stock images to fit your corporate brand.

Okay, okay so why the professional for business photography?

A good professional photographer will understand your brief and work out an image set that expresses your brand in the way you want it.   This will help your company to portray itself in your unique and individual way with great business photography.

Because you are briefing the photographer and working with them, you will have control of the way the images are produced.  Poor quality photographs or littering your website, brochure and sales leaflets with cheap stock library images can cost you a lot more than using a professional photographer.  The damage poor imagery can do to your brand, corporate identity and the image is too big a risk.

If you wants exclusive photographic images that sets your business apart from your competitors, then think carefully about using a professional photographer. Remember a great artist is not a great artist because of the equipment they have but because of the knowledge and skills acquired over many years.

A professional photographer, who is experienced in producing business photography, knows that things can go wrong during a shoot, and leaves nothing to chance. They will have planned your shoot, and have fall-back ideas to cope with weather, lighting, equipment failure. When an amateur photographer takes a photograph with good or bad equipment they tend to just point the camera and trust the equipment to do the work.  Whilst it can be possible to produce reasonable photographs, you can quickly see the difference from a professional shot.  A professional photographer can take into account exposure times, lighting distance to the subject, and the benefits of using different lenses.  With all these variables considered, the professional will frame the image to generate best visual effect.  Your photographs, and hence your business will stand out from the crowd.   That is business photography in action, working for your business.

See examples of my business photography.

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Will Cameras on Mobile Phones Destroy Photography – the view of a Leicestershire Professional Photographer?

Martin Neeves - Leicestershire Professional PhotographerPosted on Monday, August 27th, 2014

Leicestershire Professional PhotographerIt is now the norm to see anyone and everyone taking photos on their mobile phone. It is impossible not to notice the mobile phone invasion.  From “selfies” to impromptu photos of news events to the dreaded flashing light at concerts.– they are used everywhere.  In the past it was obvious if someone had a camera and was taking photos.  But now anyone with a mobile phone could be an “undercover” photographer.  For professional photographers the occasions where they used to be to “main attraction” everyone is snapping their version of events.  So does this destroy photography or mean that professional photographers are a dying breed.  I examine this thought and give you my views, as a Leicestershire Professional Photographer, below…

There is no doubt that over the past 100 or so years, conventional photography has become a highly developed art form and profession.  We have seen the camera evolve from a simple pin-hole in a box to complex electrical, digital computers with lenses on the front.  This evolution has spawned the digital camera embedded into mobile phones – it might be said to have democratised photography.  It is now easier to bring a competent level of photography within the bounds of most people.  Professional photographers can now deliver high quality photographs to their customers with greater ease because of decades of evolution of their craft.  But it is also true that it is possible for anyone to become an amateur photographer with their mobile phone that is always with them.

So back to the question: Will Cameras on Mobile Phones Destroy Photography?”  I think that the question needs considering across three audience types:

  1. The professional photographer – is this the end of the world and your profession?  Is it possible that the humble, but highly technical mobile phone will destroy your customer base and make you obsolete?
  2. The aspiring photographer – do you have a future?  Is it worth your while investing in training or sophisticated equipment; after all we have been led to believe that makes a professional photography so superior.  Is it worth all the bother if mobile phones are going to make all that training and investment obsolete?
  3. The consumer – can you avoid hiring a professional photographer and get the same quality of photographs using yours or a friend’s mobile phone?

Obviously as new technology appears to make inroads into a profession many of the traditionalists in that profession are going to feel threatened.  Remember the cry that television came along and the media predicted the demise of radio.  In the music industry, digital recording has caused shock waves, but you know these industries don’t necessarily die?  They evolve.  These industries adjusted, evolved, got better and prospered all the more – I think the same will happen with photography.

Let us examine the situation in more depth.  I think there are sensible reasons to think that cameras on mobile phones are not going to destroy photography as we know it:

  • Cameras on mobile phones may be able to increasingly take better quality images, but they are unlikely to be able to achieve the same levels of quality as a larger format camera with all the lighting and ancillary equipment that a professional photographer brings to the party.  The reason a professional photographer invests in highly, sophisticated equipment and a studio is that he or she can bring high quality imagery to the client.  And let us not forget, no matter how good the equipment, it still takes the knowledge and experience – as well as the trained eye, to produce a stunning photograph.  The difference between a technically correct photograph and a stunning image is easy to see.  Photography is more than a camera – it is a whole range equipment that has precise instrumentation to allow the photographer to handle lighting issues and frame each photograph correctly.  It is in scenarios like weddings, portraits, commercial photography that customers do not want “just a technically competent” photo – they want a stunning professional quality outcome.  Do you really think that forensic photography, fashion photography and photography for publication will ever accept the lower standards of quality that are produced on mobile phone cameras.
  • Let’s face it, when see people holding up their camera phones at a concert to steal a picture with their mobile phone, it is not going to result in a professional quality shot.  At a live event like a concert there are going to be a heap issues like lighting, visual noise and many other problems that require a level of sophisticated instrumentation that a mobile phone will not have.  So let us be clear, mobile phones are an amateur photography device that allows the amateur to get better, and as such they are great for that niche.
  • I believe that mobile phone cameras are great because they allow the amateur to take better photographs and it encourages more recording of events in our world.  But their limitations, and the limitations of the amateur photographer mean that without a professional the standards of the final product will be compromised.  What customers and professional need to focus on is that high standards of quality will continue to be what make professional photography of supreme value to its customers.

So I do not believe that it is time to read the funeral rites of professional photography, nor do I wish to cast mobile phones in a negative light.  Mobile phones have their place and they provide great fun for people.  Professional photography only has something to fear if it does not adapt and continue to work out how it will continue to be valuable to customers.  Customers will continue to demand quality for those important shots and that is where the professional eye and equipment will continue to be required.

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