Why Choose Me?

commercial photographer Leicestershire Martin NeevesWith well over a quarter of a century of experience as a professional photographer, photography is (and always has been) my sole source of income. It is not a part-time hobby, unlike many of my competitors. Although film-making is a newer side of my business, I apply the same high standards to video as I do to my still photography work. I have a wealth of experience to fall back on – including photographing the Yugoslav civil war, the 1990 poll tax riots in Trafalgar square, Princess Diana’s funeral, a week-long corporate hospitality event in Venice for General Motors, numerous annual reports for large companies and twice being the sole photographer to photograph Her Majesty the Queen in the music room at Buckingham Palace. I have also won numerous international and national awards, so you are in VERY safe hands with me!

My many years as photojournalist serve me well when I am photographing weddings or corporate events, as my reactions are extremely fast. This is vital for true reportage photography. Also, I am a “people” person. I will be warm and friendly towards your guests and I think you will find me a good bloke to have around.

My time as a photojournalist has also given me the experience to know what style of photographs picture editors will actually publish. When I worked as a staff newspaper photographer, I saw lots of PR photographs being consigned to the bin as (although they may have been technically OK, i.e. in-focus with correct exposure), they were just of a style that would fit in with that publication. Even worse, they could have just been boring shots. Many people have digital cameras that will be technically correct photographs, but it is the eye behind the camera that makes all the difference! I will ensure that I produce visually interesting photographs that will get published. Much of what I do these days for my commercial or PR shoots is to make visually interesting photographs out of fairly boring subjects. That is where the skill and the experience really comes to the fore.

Commercial Photographer Leicestershire

I use top-of-the-range Nikon professional digital cameras, with back up cameras, lenses and flash units ready to hand in case of equipment-failure. I have full public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance.

Many cheaper (and less conscientious) photographers just give all the uncorrected digital files straight to their clients or only do minimal post-production work on them. I am passionate about quality, so I prefer to give optimised high-resolution digital files to my clients as this optimisation work is the only way to ensure that the photos are of the highest professional quality. Optimisation includes sensor-dust re-touching, adjustment of levels, tone curves, colour balance, saturation, perspective, cropping, selective lightening/darkening, and captioning, so that every optimised file is like a hand-print. Also, I only shoot in “RAW” file format and convert to JPEGs after optimisation rather than just shooting straight to JPEG in camera (as only amateurs and less scrupulous photographer do). Shooting in RAW gives much greater colour depth and exposure latitude, again ensuring my clients only receive the best quality possible.

Here are some examples of how photos look before and after optimisation:

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